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To honor a friend ...


A forest of green plates

Held aloft 

Holding raindrop pearls

And from beneath 

Energetic sparks

Of red and gold

Come clambering 

All summer long. 

Night Waking 

In the quiet night 

The wolves of my unquiet mind 


And romping through 

The tender halls of thought 

Stir up the demons of theday 

Giving them new life.

Their voices echo in the stillness 

The dead of night alive 

With shouted thoughts 

Keeping sleep at bay, 

Leaving my mind in tatters. 

Daylight breaks, 

And the fleeing wolves 

Are but patterns in the cloth 

Of my imagining. 

By Alice Audsley published in 'A Packet of Poems' by The Bradford on Avon Poetry Workshop 2011

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Tao Te Ching