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"Where have you been?" I asked nature. 

"Why, we have always been here" nature replied.

"Don't you remember?"

"I tickled your toes when you took your first steps" said the grass.

"And I caught you when you fell."

"I landed on your knee in the schoolyard" said the ladybird. 

"And listened patiently as you talked to me."

"I came to dance around your window when you couldn't sleep," said the wind.

"To remind you that you weren't alone."

"I embraced you when you were hot", said the ocean.

"And washed away your troubles."

"I watched over you as you passed by me every day," said the tree. 

"And saw you safely home."

"I sang to you when you were tired" said the bird.

"But I don't know if you heard me."

"I gave you water when you were thirsty," said the river.

"But I don't think you knew it was me."

"I bloomed extra bright when your world seemed dull," said the sunflower. 

"But I don't think you saw me."

"I nourished you when you were hungry," said the earth. 

"But I don't think you ever thanked me."

"You see, we loved you the whole time," said nature

"We were here all along.  How could you forget us?"

by Leanna Burnard - Sharpham summer 2019

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