The stillness of the moment …

Heading into 2020,the Christmas festivities behind us, how quickly we can forget those wishes for peace we extended to friends and family.  Already planning the year ahead; planning to get on, to get ahead, to move forward.  We live in a world of activity; the message “faster … faster”, “more … more”.  No wonder so many collapse with the strain of trying to keep up.  Keep up with what I ask?  If for a few moments we stop, take a breath and really look around us.  What do we see?  What is there for all to see is nature in all her wonder.  If you stand still for even a short time she will bring beauty and calm.  Beauty in the smallest bud that is beginning to break open; calm as your heart slows down and you quiet your thinking.  An unceasing compulsion to strive does not allow us to connect to the deeper parts of ourselves; to our soul. 

 “We nourish the soul when we find value in the stillness of the moment, recognizing that the present time is the only time there is.”

(Gerald Jampolsky 1995)

“When experience is viewed in a certain way, it presents nothing but doorways into the domain of the soul, and they are all found in the present moment”.

(Jon Kabat-Zinn 1995)

In taking time to stop and simply be, take nature into yourself and look inwards it’s possible to find a sense of ease and comfort.  Life becomes less of an emergency.   

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