Psychotherapy & Counselling

How can psychotherapy and counselling help?

Psychotherapy and Counselling are more familiarly known as the ‘talking therapies’. Often the question is asked ‘how can talking help?’. To this question I offer an invitation to enter a personal journey, alongside another, a journey of discovery through which to find yourself.

What is psychotherapy and counselling?

Overwhelmed with the impacts of bereavement, relationship difficulties, anger, depression or a combination of them all, life can at times become too much. Many of the difficulties we experience as adults had their beginnings in childhood. Psychotherapy and counselling can enable you to engage with your often complex emotional histories, where rejection, separation and bereavement have been revived through current adversity. The loss of a cherished idea of ourselves can sometimes be the precipitate to dysfunction and breakdown.

Sometimes we find that repeated patterns of behaviour create havoc in our relationships with families, partners or at work and we are at a loss as to how to understand what happens. Overwhelming feelings seem to overtake us. Understanding these feelings and the roots of our motivations, conscious and unconscious can serve to open the window to previously unrecognised potential and resources within ourselves.

Perhaps it is not so much a specific problem you are trying to address, maybe you feel you have lost your way or you want to pursue your personal development and growth. Psychotherapy and Counselling can be a meaningful pilgrimage to find the essence of who you are. It takes emotional courage to engage in this work; what better way to invest in your life and your future than to plumb the depths of your being in the company of another who can support and safely witness your earliest and most vulnerable experiences to facilitate transformation and healing.

How I work:

I work from a Jungian, psychodynamic and or psychoanalytic perspective where your early experiences of growing up can be seen to be at work within the way that you relate to others inside and outside your immediate family and friends. These ways of relating will over time become present within the client/therapist relationship and where the familiar difficulties can be worked through to reach a new experience.

What I provide is a safe space within a professional setting for you to explore your world, inner and outer, to experience sorrow as well as joy, the strength for which can be found in the longing to live fully and the willingness to settle for nothing less.

I tend to work long term, at once a week frequency leading to greater frequency if needed; shorter term work can be offered where it is appropriate. My Jungian training gives importance to dreams, imagery and spirituality. These details and others can be discussed more fully at the initial appointment.


  • Initial session: £70 with no obligation beyond the first appointment
  • Psychotherapy/Counselling: £60 per 50 minute session
  • Individual supervision: £60 per 50 minute session
  • Some lower fees may be available for those on very low income.

My Consulting Room:


3 Chapel Row,


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Mobile: 07772 584726

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My consulting room is located in central Bath and is easily reached from:

  • Bristol
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It is a few minutes' walk to or from the train & bus stations and with car parks nearby.

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